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#3 Here’s a Shout-out to…

AND….. We’re back! 3rd post of the series! Another three bloggers I want to give a shout-out to! I am loving doing this series, getting a good reaction from my readers and the bloggers themselves thanking me (so heartwarming). I’ll probably do another couple of posts for this series and then move on to another type of similar series, so keep your eyes peeled! So without further ado…

Fun Fact: All these bloggers are in the same area as me currently! Continue reading “#3 Here’s a Shout-out to…”

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2# Here’s a Shout-out to…

It’s back!! After the first post went down really well back in November, (you can find that here) Here’s a Shout-out to… continues, with 3 more amazing bloggers I’d love for you to meet. I’ve really enjoyed researching a lot of bloggers for this series, it’s fun to sit down and have a read through people’s blogs that I’ve been meaning to for a very long time. I have a few more bloggers lined up to be a part of this series, but if you think you would like a shout-out, drop me a DM on Twitter or send me a quick e-mail. So without further ado… Continue reading “2# Here’s a Shout-out to…”

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My First Blogging Event: Blogosphere Christmas Festival!

So back in September I booked to go to the Blogosphere Christmas Festival which will be my first blogging event since starting up my blog on June 10th and the time has now come for me to write my post on my experience of the day. Continue reading “My First Blogging Event: Blogosphere Christmas Festival!”