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#QuoteOfTheDay for Blogmas…

Blogmas, blogging everyday in the lead up to Christmas. Yes, it has now ended as we’ve now had Christmas (hope you all had a fab time and got all the pressies you wanted, and stuffed your faces full of delicious food) but I wanted to do a round up of all the #QuoteOfTheDay (‘s) I’d done from the 1st to the 24th December here in this post. I’d love to hear what your fave ones were! Continue reading “#QuoteOfTheDay for Blogmas…”

blogging · Christmas · Lifestyle

My First Blogging Event: Blogosphere Christmas Festival!

So back in September I booked to go to the Blogosphere Christmas Festival which will be my first blogging event since starting up my blog on June 10th and the time has now come for me to write my post on my experience of the day. Continue reading “My First Blogging Event: Blogosphere Christmas Festival!”


The Christmas Tag!

Another tag post, yes! But I saw this idea on a post over on Lydia’s blog: which you can read the post here, I loved reading her answers and thought it would be fun to think up my own answers for these questions, although I wasn’t tagged specifically to do this post as she said she tags ‘anyone who wishes to do this tag’ and I feel I fall under that category quite fittingly. I also actually got tagged in Ashleigh’s Christmas Tag (which you can read here) so I’ve tried to answer a mix of the questions…here goes…

The Questions…

Continue reading “The Christmas Tag!”


What’s on your Christmas Playlist?

So as Christmas is now very quickly approaching I’m sure everyone has had a sneaky listen to a Christmas tune or few, or even a playlist they may have made in preparation for this festive period. I absolutely love having a big sing-song and a dance around the table and tree whilst preparing my Christmas dinner! I always go on the hunt for my favourite Christmas playlist on Spotify or YouTube or anywhere on the internet for that matter, and I’ve made a list of my favourite songs I love listening to and here they are!… Continue reading “What’s on your Christmas Playlist?”