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Circle Pay!


So I’ve become a Student Brand Ambassador for Circle Pay. It’s a social payment app that wants to make money work the way the internet does. Global, Instant, Secure and Free. It’s a quick, easy and sociable way to send money to your mates. You don’t require bank details and can send money by just knowing someone’s mobile phone number or email! Continue reading “Circle Pay!”

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My Self-Care Checklist…

So… back in my post all about ‘Positivity and Happiness‘ I said at the end that I’d be following that up with a post on my self-care and how I look after myself. Well I recently came up with a checklist I keep in my positivity book so I thought I’d share it with you. Obviously these are all personal things to me that I do when needing a refresh and re-boost and these aren’t 100% certain to make you feel better but even just give them a go and see..

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Positivity & Happiness: How?

Positivity: The practice of being or tendency to be positive or optimistic in attitude.

Happiness: The state of being happy (feeling or showing pleasure or contentment).

So why be positive and happy?

Being positive and happy on a daily basis can be hard for some people and easy for others, it is something we should all strive to be for as long and as often as we can. Positivity and optimism can help your happiness for as long as you let it, it encourages a good mental and physical healthy lifestyle as well as making you feel good all-round.


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