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Move It 2018!

Move It Dance Convention 2018!

16-18th March 2018, London Excel Convention Centre.

This weekend is one I’ve been looking forward to for an entire year since it ended in 2017. I feel so proud to be a dancer when at this event and for the foreseeable future afterwards. It reminds me why I dance, who I am and what my mission is. To be the best dancer I can be. Continue reading “Move It 2018!”

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Travel Bucket List (*Updated*)

So the last post on travel I wrote was a while ago but here it is : 5 Places I wish to visit in the UK. I have never been one to go travelling or fly abroad very often, however recently I’ve had a wave of motivation to see more than my bedroom. I have just booked a holiday to Amsterdam at the end of May and am currently in the midst of planning what we’ll be doing when we’re there. That will be a whole different post (keep an eye out). But I couldn’t help but keep reeling of lists of places I want to visit and I’ve tried to set my self a goal of before I’m 30 I’ll have done ALL if not MOST of these places… Continue reading “Travel Bucket List (*Updated*)”

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#3 Here’s a Shout-out to…

AND….. We’re back! 3rd post of the series! Another three bloggers I want to give a shout-out to! I am loving doing this series, getting a good reaction from my readers and the bloggers themselves thanking me (so heartwarming). I’ll probably do another couple of posts for this series and then move on to another type of similar series, so keep your eyes peeled! So without further ado…

Fun Fact: All these bloggers are in the same area as me currently! Continue reading “#3 Here’s a Shout-out to…”

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I made my own Birchbox!

When in London at the end of January I was strolling the streets and saw a shop I hadn’t seen before! The pop up shop for Birchbox! I spoke to the girl at the till and she said that it was only meant to be open until 31st Jan however they’re extended their time there and aren’t leaving till March! So if you haven’t already and are able to I’d highly recommend going down for a pop in. Continue reading “I made my own Birchbox!”