About Me

So you actually want to know more about the random gal?

My name is Hannah, I’m 20 years old and have am studying Dance at Addict Dance Academy in Leicester. I’m about 5’8 and have dark brown hair and am obsessed with wearing gym leggings (Ok, I’m starting to feel like I’m filling out a form on a dating website). I have 2 sisters and a brother, all younger than me – and yes, they are all insanely annoying, but isn’t that their job?

I have had previous, what I liked to call, blogs on Tumblr however it felt to me, like that was more of a social media page. I do have most of the social media accounts such as; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and although they’re all pretty good platforms to write posts about nearly anything, having a blog just feels so much ‘cooler’, you know?

And, there you go. That’s me (well as much of me as I feel comfortable sharing at the moment).


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