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Positivity & Happiness: How?

Positivity: The practice of being or tendency to be positive or optimistic in attitude.

Happiness: The state of being happy (feeling or showing pleasure or contentment).

So why be positive and happy?

Being positive and happy on a daily basis can be hard for some people and easy for others, it is something we should all strive to be for as long and as often as we can. Positivity and optimism can help your happiness for as long as you let it, it encourages a good mental and physical healthy lifestyle as well as making you feel good all-round.


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I made my own Birchbox!

When in London at the end of January I was strolling the streets and saw a shop I hadn’t seen before! The pop up shop for Birchbox! I spoke to the girl at the till and she said that it was only meant to be open until 31st Jan however they’re extended their time there and aren’t leaving till March! So if you haven’t already and are able to I’d highly recommend going down for a pop in. Continue reading “I made my own Birchbox!”

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My thoughts on Wonderland…

First off, I’d like to say I am not at all a beauty blogger or have an expertise in beauty and make-up however I do take a very strong liking to dolling myself up every so often so I do have some idea in what we look for when it comes to good make-up products, brands and designs.

Wonderland Make-up got in contact with me and sent over some products for me to test out and then if I liked them, write a post about my experience with the products and share it with you guys…. Continue reading “My thoughts on Wonderland…”