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Goodies? From Blogosphere!

As promised in my post about my first blogging event I said I’d go into more detail as to what I got given in my goody bags from Blogosphere… So here goes…

Kusmi Tea

This company were offering cups of their different teas for us to try. I tried a style of Green Tea, which I’m not normally a fan of – however did really like it. And then also was given a little pot of tea leaves in our goody bag too.


Absolute Collagen

I absolutely – 😉 – loved the idea and concept this business had an it captured me very quickly. I have now started using our free 3-day sample and am excited to see some results!



We had to pull a cracker to get these goodies, once pulled they had a note of what we’d won. We did also get two extra small shampoo and conditioners in our goody bag anyway. I loved this.



These actually weren’t represented at the event (by a stall) but they were kind enough to give us a taster of a variety of different products, I go the Popcorn Thin Minis, which I ate within a few days and they tasted amazing!



Now So? Were promoting their new launch of fragrances in body sprays, body mists and perfumes. We all got a few bits directly from their stall and also in the goody bag – I’ve already started using these and they’ve become a little essential I drop in my handbag.



This company weren’t actually at the event directly but were kind enough to give us a little something in the goody bag. I received a chocolate truffle selection and can’t wait to eat it!


And that’s everything, read what I thought about the event and the whole experience for me over on my post ‘My First Blogging Event: Blogosphere Christmas Festival!


Thanks for reading!

Han xx


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