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1# Here’s a Shout-out to…

Since starting blogging back in June, I’ve taken a real interest in finding new blogs and bloggers I love, this meant putting myself and my blog out there (mainly on Twitter) in order to find them. I have saved these blogs on my phone as little apps so I can easily click to get straight to their blog to have a read of the new posts they’ve been making. I decided to do a full post – or series 😉 – dedicated to them, I know there is Fridays which is normally for #FF however lets start off the week by showing off some hard working bloggers too! So here’s a shout out to those bloggers I’ve been loving recently… Continue reading “1# Here’s a Shout-out to…”

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First Impressions: L’oréal Pure Clay Masks

So I am a bit late to the party with this review of the L’oréal Pure Clay Masks, but as always life gets in the way and things get put aside and added to the never ending ‘To-Do’ lists. I do want to just quickly mention that despite having only just posted this I did trial and test out these products within the last 2 months so I feel it’s still a pretty relevant review. Also, just to add I was wary at first of the product as I fear sometimes some face masks react with my skin so I do want to put out a pre-warning to anyone that is similar to me and say that I had no reaction or irritation with any of these masks whilst trying, and of course I have not been paid, sponsored or gifted these products to do this post, haha I wish 😦 Continue reading “First Impressions: L’oréal Pure Clay Masks”

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The Autumn Tag

I have been nominated by @QuiteFranklii on Twitter to answer the questions for ‘The Autumn Tag‘ and how could I possibly refuse! You can read her answers to the questions over on her post here. I love autumn and probably consider it maybe my favourite season of the year. So here’s my answers and you’ll find out who I tagged at the endContinue reading “The Autumn Tag”