Cosy Nighttime Routine

Everyone loves a good cosy night, whether it’s movie night, pamper night or just a girls night with a bottle of wine? I do love all three of those, however I’ve found myself becoming quite attached to my cosy nights in and thought I’d share how I enjoy a nice relaxing evening.

Here’s just one of my ideas for my ideal “Cosy Night In“.

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Living without Wifi?!?

Most of you know I moved house quite recently, it was such an exciting and emotional time. The house I moved from was basically my childhood home from a young age, where I made all my memories growing up so it was quite emotional leaving it all behind to move to a brand new house (still in the same village). Continue reading “Living without Wifi?!?”

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Sports Bra Collection!

This isn’t something I thought I’d ever do a post about however throughout my experience in dance and fitness I’ve grown to realise you don’t always need to have such plain and uncomfortable sports bras. I was sorting through my workout gear and just realised how much I have (might be more or less to what you have, however I thought I had a lot less of them than I do). I do have a range of sports bra’s I’ve collected within a few years that consist of plain, boring, colourful and fancy ones. But without further ado, here’s my collectionContinue reading “Sports Bra Collection!”

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My Netflix Obsessions

I have seen many people asking others for Netflix recommendations recently so have decided to write a post on the ones I have enjoyed and want to recommend to you lot! I love a good cosy night in with Netflix and a cuppa tea, so I have a long list of those I have got through or are currently watching which I have enjoyed… Let me know if you agree with any or if you want to recommend me any you think I’d like! Without further ado…. Continue reading “My Netflix Obsessions”