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My Experience with ‘Dermalogica’ Product Samples…

Recently I haven’t been very happy with my skin and I admit that I’m very bad at looking after it, so I set myself a mission. My first step was to visit someone who knew what they were doing, so a quick google search showed a few ‘Skin specialists‘ and ‘dermatologists‘ not too far from me, offering skin consultations. Continue reading “My Experience with ‘Dermalogica’ Product Samples…”


My Dance Journey…

From a very young age, Dance has always been part of my life, but it has slowly become more and more of my obsession. I’m living, breathing, studying dance. There cannot be a day without some thought of dance entering my head. Continue reading “My Dance Journey…”

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GUEST POST: Summer Holiday Fashion Essentials

**This is a guest post from Hannah, I shall put all her links below, go show her some love and share this post! It’s her first blog post as she’s thinking about setting up her own blog. All photo credits to her too.**

Summer in England isn’t always the best but without a doubt we will always get at least one weekend where the temperature will exceed 25 degrees, and everyone rushes to the beer garden. And then there’s the lucky few who manage to escape abroad for a week or two. But no matter whether you’re jetting off to Barbados, having a laugh in your local beer garden, or just simply relaxing in your back garden, these summer essentials will serve some purpose to you throughout our short lived British summer. Continue reading “GUEST POST: Summer Holiday Fashion Essentials”

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The Liebster Award Tag: 11 Questions!

I have seen this floating around the internet for the past month I have been blogging and at the beginning I was a little confused until I was nominated by Allanah over on her blog post which you can read here. You can also find her on Twitter@allanahlouisexo. She nominated 11 of us and gave us 11 questions to answer, I’ve been so excited to write this post and had to think long and hard about my answers and my nominations. So enjoy… Continue reading “The Liebster Award Tag: 11 Questions!”