Favourite Makeup Bits & Bobs…

As some people may already know, I’m not the biggest wearer of makeup as I like to keep it quite natural or go without makeup the majority of the time. However, when I do decide to make an effort and paint my face, there are certain products I reach for a lot of the time, and here they are (I’ll also link below where you can buy them from): Continue reading “Favourite Makeup Bits & Bobs…”


Why did I start Blogging?

Blogging? Adding new material regularly to a blog about a niche topic? Why did I want to do this? It’s quite simple really.

I’ve always tried to be as creative as I can, with dance, I love choreographing routines to different songs and trying to create some kind of story to tell through this. My blog acts as an online notebook, a published journal, just somewhere other than my phone’s notes app that I can write about topics that I want to discuss. Not just having them as a thought in my head. Continue reading “Why did I start Blogging?”


Weight Struggles, Body Confidence and Self-Esteem…

***This post is focusing on increasing the awareness of people who struggle to gain weight. I understand that this might not apply to everyone but regardless, please take time to read this post and at least try understand it from someone else’s point of view.***

All my life I’ve struggled to gain weight. Yes, gain weight, not lose it. Continue reading “Weight Struggles, Body Confidence and Self-Esteem…”


Quotes, Quotes, Quotes…

**disclaimer: all apart from one (the hanging plaque) image, used in this post are just those found from a quick google search, therefore are not my own**

So, in my previous post “My Inspirations” I mentioned that something that inspires me is Quotes! Here’s my “Top 10 all-time favourite quotes” and why I love them so much!: Continue reading “Quotes, Quotes, Quotes…”