The Liebster Award Tag: 11 Questions!

I have seen this floating around the internet for the past month I have been blogging and at the beginning I was a little confused until I was nominated by Allanah over on her blog post which you can read here. You can also find her on Twitter@allanahlouisexo. She nominated 11 of us and gave us 11 questions to answer, I've been so excited to write this post and had to think long and hard about my answers and my nominations. So enjoy… Continue reading “The Liebster Award Tag: 11 Questions!”

Empties: Restock or Regret?

I’ve seen plenty of people do these type of videos and posts but I thought I’d give it a go too. I’m sure there’ll be someone, somewhere that’s interested in finding out about some products I’ve loved so much, I used until they were entirely empty! I love reading these type of posts and watching the videos, it makes me consider buying the items a lot more, knowing someone enjoyed it that much to completely finish it. Continue reading “Empties: Restock or Regret?”

Books? Favourites?

Now, I’m not the biggest book-reader because my normal routine of reading a book, is start it one night, read a few chapters, continue this for about 3 days (reading just a few chapters a night), then put the book in a drawer and never pick it up again. These books below are ones I actually managed to finish and enjoyed so much I wanted to share this post with you! Continue reading “Books? Favourites?”