What’s on your Christmas Playlist?

So as Christmas is now very quickly approaching I’m sure everyone has had a sneaky listen to a Christmas tune or few, or even a playlist they may have made in preparation for this festive period. I absolutely love having a big sing-song and a dance around the table and tree whilst preparing my Christmas dinner! I always go on the hunt for my favourite Christmas playlist on Spotify or YouTube or anywhere on the internet for that matter, and I’ve made a list of my favourite songs I love listening to and here they are!… Continue reading “What’s on your Christmas Playlist?”


Let’s watch some Christmas films!

We’re getting closer to that big day and the festivities are well under way, but one thing I have been looking forward to is snuggling up either on the sofa or in my bed, with a nice warm hot chocolate, in my Christmas pj’s and watching a good classic Christmas film.

In this post you’ll find a long list of my all time favourite festive films I love to watch around this time of year, I’d love to hear your opinions on these and find out what your favourite Christmas films are. Continue reading “Let’s watch some Christmas films!”


Christmas has started…

Yes, it is the fourth of December and not the first, however I wanted to stick to my one post a week routine whilst I have a few deadlines during this month and with all the hectic festivities to come I thought I’d give myself the past weekend to get organised.

So, Christmas is here (not technically, but the season is well under way) and in this post I’m going to discuss how I get feeling festive during the lead up to Christmas, I also want to know what all your traditions are over this season and any recommendations on things I should do, make, go to etc…

Continue reading “Christmas has started…”

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1# Here’s a Shout-out to…

Since starting blogging back in June, I’ve taken a real interest in finding new blogs and bloggers I love, this meant putting myself and my blog out there (mainly on Twitter) in order to find them. I have saved these blogs on my phone as little apps so I can easily click to get straight to their blog to have a read of the new posts they’ve been making. I decided to do a full post – or series 😉 – dedicated to them, I know there is Fridays which is normally for #FF however lets start off the week by showing off some hard working bloggers too! So here’s a shout out to those bloggers I’ve been loving recently… Continue reading “1# Here’s a Shout-out to…”